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Towards improving the quality of technical education in the country, AICTE recommends setting up Value Education Cell in the University/Colleges with the objective of fostering the students to live with mutual happiness with human beings, and mutual prosperity with rest of nature, along with the development of technical competence.

Awareness of human values must be integrated in teaching-learning process to realize the real purpose of education. This will develop the human potential, leading to human excellence.

Institute has initiated and established Value Education cell on 5 th December 2020 to motivate the students and staff on Moral values and adapt the values in their professional and personal lives. As values are important for society, there must be a provision for value education. Value education is required for all irrespective of age, gender and social position. The Value Education Cell takes lead to prepare the syllabus for Universal Human Values – II, which is to be taught in 3 rd or 4 th semester for B.Tech Students.

Objectives of Value Education cell:

  1. To motivate the students for better understanding the values that guide their daily lives and contributing to changes in values held collectively by communities and individually.
  2. To develop the students in physical, mental, emotional and spiritual aspects.
  3. To inculcate good manners, responsibilities of good citizen and develop respect for the dignity of individual and society.
  4. To conduct various workshops and seminars by eminent personalities for the benefit of students and staff.

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